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Salary Guide.

This salary table should help guide current and prospective staff around whether this value package lines up with your respective expectations and desires. Please note this table is a guide only and more specific information can be found in the Job Packs for each position. Amounts are inclusive of Super.

No. Year
Year 1
Year 2
$2K BonusYear 3
Year 4
Year 5
$5K BonusYear 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
$10K BonusYear 11
Program Manager
Centre Manager
Support Staff
Executive Team


  • Numbers above are in thousands. It is a range from which AIME sets it salaries. For example, we may open up a role seeking varied levels of experience and have a range from say 57-70k.
  • Casual roles & rates are offered as per relevant award wage legislation for both back-of-house and program team positions.

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We are here to sprint the marathon, think of your time at AIME as the hardest, fastest, longest sprint of your life. If you do 3 years here, flat chat, and pass the baton on, that is success.


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Global Director of Alumni

Ideally Sydney. But if you're that good, we will let you work from the moon.

Because we’ve already mobilised and then led the largest volunteer movement of university students in Australian history. We’ve closed the educational disparity for more than 25k Indigenous high school kids in Australia alone. We’ve been the offline group that has chased the depths of human connection, fusing kindness with urgency that’s inspired people from all walks of life to deposit their energy and create a new paradigm in the process. We ain’t joking when we talk about being the social network of the 21st century. The opportunity is there in front of us if we can spur these thousands of people who we’ve had rich interactions with, from all pockets of the planet, to pour their status, influence and story back into the campfire, igniting a wildfire towards eradicating educational inequality and creating the social network of the 21st century. I’m looking for the magnate of human interactions, a boss operative, serial strategist and diamond under pressure. You’re going to work closely with me and our Director of Partnering. I’m sick of hearing that delivering an incredible Alumni experience is ‘close to impossible’. I believe that there is someone out there who is willing to find the simplicity on the other side of the complexity. If we can crack the Alumni code then we take a quantum leap towards freedom, transforming this very moment into the most significant movement of our time.

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Dream Factory General Manager

Ideally Sydney. But if you're that good, we will let you work from the moon.

2800 years ago, for the first time in Western Text, the word mentor was referred to in Homer’s Odyssey. Since then, mentoring has been a certain way: a relationship without structure, without end points, and often without measurable change. In 2004, we invented a new idea: structured mentoring. With engineering and design principles, we scaffolded an architecture around an age old idea to create a tool for the world that can solve educational inequality for our most marginalised students. Since then, AIME has been solving seemingly unsolvable challenges around the young and disadvantaged by closing the educational gap for Indigenous mentees involved in the program in Australia. We’ve designed a set of scalable original educational products like Failure Time, The Game of Life, AIME TV, and the Theatre of Education. We’ve strutted the streets, hustled our way into the USA on a shoestring budget, sat in the home of Nelson Mandela, walked through the hills of Uganda, imagined the first Indigenous Prime Minister, led the largest volunteer movement of university students in Australian history, helped change the day of the Hottest 100 with Triple j, invented the most meaningful hoodie in the world, and made a short film with Oscar Winner Laurent Witz & M&C Saatchi that won the world’s top advertising award for good (The Webby for Good). We’ve done it all with the power of imagination. And it’s only the beginning. Now we dream. And we dream big. Today we are opening up the next chapter with the recruitment of a DREAM FACTORY General Manager who can help lead our in-house agency, by creatively solving the challenges AIME is working on, and just as importantly to connect and work with organisations across the earth, so that we can be the imaginative group that solves a global challenge for the young and disadvantaged. By 2023 we want to have provided a meaningful impact through our ideas and products that have impacted the lives of 50 Million youth worldwide, and we want to be closer than ever before to ending educational inequality in Australia by delivering on our promise: These kids aren’t the problem to be fixed, they are the solution. We are looking for a GM to run the agency internally, and to build our relationships with external partners.

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