Hello, are you the Hoodie Day Apparel Ambassador we're looking for?



2 hours

Applications close at  

July 31st, 2019

The Opportunity

This Hoodie Day we are inviting our AIME friends to rise up as apparel ambassadors, by partaking in a global art installation that serves to carry the voice of our youth. Your involvement is simple. You will be responsible for facilitating a local installation at a destination of your choice, for two or more hours, on July 12th, 2019. You will need an AIME Hoodie (we can send you our 2019 hoodie, if you don’t have one), a speaker, a chair, and a downloaded copy of the AIME Dreams Radio recording to play on a loop (we’re still finalising edits to this baby, stay tuned). Instructions on how to bring the installation to life, and all necessary inputs, will be shared with you once you have completed your application. If you want to fight for change, start a conversation, invite a new perspective, and most importantly, carry the voice of youngsters across the globe, then apply to participate within.

Supporting Docs

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