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August 23rd, 2019

The Opportunity

Calling on all revolutionary thinkers, I’m writing this note from the epicentre of humanity, ingenuity and imagination - the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land, Australia. Applications have opened for a new wave of Indigenous & non-Indigenous board directors. We are looking for people who want to fight for imagination to be unlocked in the minds of kids who are being told they are destined to a life of struggle. We are on the charge to mobilise and inspire a generation of young people to rise up and show the world that they are not the problem, but the solution, to the dire challenges we are facing in the 21st century and beyond. From rising sea levels to automation its impact on jobs, challenges with waste and recycling, and the issues we face with a food supply across the planet... this generation is facing some of the most significant challenges in human history. Instead of shying away from the problems or sticking to our knitting, our kids - young people like me - are raising their hands to say, ‘inaction is what’s making these challenges intractable. We can fix this if you give us a shot’. We know that there is a generation of kids just like Boyan Slat in The Netherlands, Emma Gonzalez in Florida, and Greta Thunberg in Sweden who are waiting for an opportunity to shine. The world is about to meet a wave of young Indigenous people from Australia, a group of rising revolutionaries from America, and a band game-changers from Africa, who are going to reimagine what’s possible for us all. If you want to drive the change and imagine all of the new realities, that are awaiting us to discover, then apply for a position on our global board here. To the artists, to the visionaries, and to those that don’t see any limits: we want you. Let’s change the game, Benny A Deputy CEO

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